10 Best Geyser Water Heater In India (For Buying Guide)

Nowadays geyser water heaters have become one of the appliances used in our home. If you want to buy the best geyser/water heater in India this winter, then you have come to the right place with the best geyser in India with price details.

Heaters come in two different models – storage Geysers and Instant Geysers.

While purchasing a geyser, you have to consider below important points

Wattage – Most electric water heaters in the Indian market have a range of 1500 – 3000 watts. More wattage, water heats up more quickly

Capacity –For example, storage geysers have a capacity of 6 to 35 liters. If you want hot water for cleaning kitchen utensils, a capacity of 7 to 8 liters is sufficient but 10 to 12 liters is sufficient for a bucket bath. And for bathing, you will need a geyser with a capacity of more than 15 liters and we will tell you all about it.

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so let’s start 2020 10 best geyser water heater in India ( instant, storage).

10 Best Geyser In India With Price

1.Bajaj New Shakti Storage






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This is the Bajaj New Shakti storage geyser water heater. This is a very good air heater for winter. Let’s know about it.

This storage type is a geyser and it has 3 storage capacity in 10 liters, 15 liters, 20 liters, so you can have any type of capacity right now I am telling you about 10 liters.

Its Wattage 2000 Watts; Pressure: 8 Bars; BEE Rating: 4 Star is.

It has Inner Tank Material Mild Steel with Glass lined coating, Outer Body Material CRCA + PP.

The dimensions of this product are 37.8 Cms X 38.6 Cms X 40.5 Kans and the Cord Size (length): 1 meter.

This geyser high pressure withstanding enabling to use in high-rise buildings, outer body material- prevents rusting and corrosion.

There are several security systems in place to protect against dry heating, overheating, and patients that keep your geyser safe.

Free installation is provided by this company. Only cover installation, offer to purchase goods separately.

There is a 2-year warranty on this geyser water heater product and
Included in the Box Multi Function Safety Valve, PVC Drain Pipe, Warranty card, User manual will also be there without straining it.

2. Bajaj Flora

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This is Bajaj Flora Instant 1 Liter Vertical Water Heater and this white color best geyser is one of the best Geyser in India with price, let’s know about it.

Storage Type Instant Water Heater Its Capacity is 1 liter’s, its Wattage is 3000 Watts and its Pressure is 8 bars Rated Voltage – 230V, AC.

This is in 3 storage types: one 1 liter and second 3 liters at 3000 watts and third 3 liters at 4.500 watts, which you will like, you can take them.

The inner tank material is SS306 and the outer body material is ABS.

The product dimensions of this geyser are 38.5 cm X 23.5 cm X 23.5 cm which will fit the end of the workspace leg home very well.

It is capable of being used in high-end buildings and high-pressure external body material – prevents rust and corrosion, which makes your geyser last for long periods without any problems.

There are several safety systems to protect against dry heating, overheating, and overheating.

Neon indicator for ‘Power On’ and ‘Heating’ – gives water heating and readiness condition which is a very good system.

Free Installation is provided by this company. Offer only covers installation, accessories are to be purchased separately.

Its warranty product is for 2 years, due to any problems, you can show it in the company and Include in the box are warranty cards, user manuals, mounting accessories, templates for drilling holes on the wall.

3. Crompton Bliss

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This is Crompton Bliss 1-Lite Instant Water Heater, it is also the best geyser in India with price know its features at the best price.

storage type is the instant water heater and the Product Dimensions of this geyser is 26.5 cm (Length) x 22 cm (Width) x 42.5 cm (Height).

Stainless steel weldless tank is this End Rust free ABS body.

Its storage capacity is 3 liters and it also has a special type of copper element.

6.5 bar pressure. Multifunctional safety valve.

Its warranty is 2 years of this geyser heater product and its power is 3000 watts And includes Instant water heater
Installation for this product is not provided by the brand, Customers need to arrange installation on their own
Country of Origin: India.

4.Crompton Arno Neo ASWH-3006

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This is the Crompton Arno Neo ASWH-3006 model. This model is very good and very good for your family. He has a good geyser in our list of the best geyser in India with price.

This is storage type geyser and it is available in 4 types of storage liters 1.6 liters 2.10 liter 3.15 liter 4.25 liter You can choose the type of storage that you like.

Strong body with a power indicator, Along with PUF is.

Its capacity is 6 liters and its Wattage is 2000 watts.

Advanced 3 levels of safety and Is a powerful heating element and
Is suitable for high-rise buildings and a bathroom.

Assures performance even with hard water and has a 5-year Warranty. This tank has and 2 years on Product and Includes 1 Storage Water Heater, Instructions Manual, Warranty Card.

5.Racold Andris Uno


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This is Racold Andris Uno one of the best brands of Best Geyser in India with Price. Let’s know about Geyser.

It comes in 3 storage types 10 liters, 15 liters, 25 liters. Today I am telling you that 15 liters Power 2000 watts, this geyser is a warranty of 2 years, Heating element 3 years, Tank 5 years.

Free installation pipes will be provided to you.

Titanium Plus specifically gives titanium steel tanks with titanium enamel coating with high durability and superior capacity which is a very good thing for this geyser.

The high density of heatproof insulation of this geyser ensures the internal heat and temperature are maintained, resulting in better energy efficiency resulting in a lower electricity bill.

It has 3 levels of protection plus protection against high temperature and pressure, provided by a thermostat, cut-out, and multi-function safety valves in this geyser heater water.

Flexomix’s unique inlet flow controls the system to provide energy efficiency by producing 10 percent more hot water than it would have given by heating more water than geysers.

Along with the Includes Product, you will also get the Instruction manual cum Warranty booklet.

Do you like this 5 Best Geysers in India with price Geysers?

6.AO Smith HeatBot-SZS-015-DG

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Here is the AO Smith HeatBot-SZS-015-DG Geyser model Best Geyser with Price is the best Geyser. Let’s know about it.

This is the SILVER Storage 15 liter Vertical Digital Display Remote Controlled Water Heater (Geyser), apart from this, there is another storage type. It’s 25 liters but I am telling you about 15 liters in it, Wattage 2000 Watts, Pressure 8.

Geyser Dimensions: 40.8 cms X 39.5 cms X 37 cms and Inner Tank Material Blue Diamond Glass Lined Tank 2X Corrosion Resistance, and Outer Body Material ABS.

Wireless control for ease of control is.

Its Warranty is of 7 years inner tank, and 2 + 2 years extended warranty is of glass coated heating element and 2 years comprehensive. Included in the box is 1 Vertical Storage Water Heater, Wireless Remote, User Manual, Mounting Screws.

7.Havells Monza EC

Best Geyser in india with price






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This is Havells Monza EC model is the best geyser for a family, so know about what features it has that you should take from it, after all, it is in the list of best geyser in India with price.

This is a storage geyser, it is 25 liters, which saves water in a very good storage for you and has 2000 watts with Flexi Pipe.

For glass is a single weld line design. The rated input current is 8.7 ampere and the rated pressure is 0.8 MPa.

The heavy-duty anode rod protects the tank from corrosion and the oncology heating element has excellent resistance to both oxidation and carbonization at high temperatures.

Energy saving is high-density PUF insulation that will also save your electricity.

The geyser also has dimensions of 68.5 cm (length) x 43.5 cm (width) x 44.5 cm (height) and earth leakage circuit breaker (ELCB) and water taps with vortex flow technology.

It Includes a Water heater, a Warranty card, an Instruction manual, a Mounting bracket, Fasteners, and Drainpipe, and Warranty also has a 5-year warranty on the inner container, 2 years comprehensive warranty. For further detail.

8.Hindware Atlantic Ondeo Evo 

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This is the model Hindware Atlantic Ondeo Evo, its model is very cool and will let you heat the water quickly, so let’s see its features.

The storage type is a geyser and its capacity is 25 liters and Storage Useful for Bathroom can store heated water.

15 Liters Greater Capacity, Can Be Served For Bathing / Washing More Users.

8 bar pressure rating 8 bar is suitable for high rise building and workspace is suitable for large wall spaces
7 years on tank, 4 years on heat element, and 2 years is Comprehensive.

9.Racold Andris Slim

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This is the Racold Andris Slim model which is a very good geyser and will last you for a long time. Let’s know about it.

This 20 Liters Horizontal Storage Type comes from Italian Design is Andris is designed, the iconic product design expert from Italy. It exudes a rare combination of performance and style.

Flexomics – This unique feature provides 10% more hot water by controlling water inlet flow very efficiently than any other conventional water heater. This feature is very good.

The temperature regulation knob is an easy control knob through which the user can regulate the heating of water according to your requirement.

Space Saving Andreas slim water heater is very compact and can fit very easily in confined urban space and the Shower Ready Indicator is an LED lamp for heating water and ready to use.

10.Havells Quatro

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This is Havells Quatro Best Geyser in India with Price’s Last Geyser, its cool feature that will make you look good. Let’s know about it.

Its storage is 5-liter Vertical Storage Water Heater.

Its tank is made of ultra-thick super cold rolled steel plates with enamel inner container tank finish and coating.

The whirlflow technique avoids direct contact between cold and hot water flow for faster heating and optimized energy saving for 20% more hot water output and.

It is currently a shock-safe plug designed to prevent electric shock by cutting off electricity in case of leakage so that you will always be protected from electricity.

Suitable for high-rise buildings and pressure pump applications and its multi-function valve prevents pressure from increasing beyond 8 bar.

LED indicator is to improve the real-time heat of the water
There is an adjustment knob to easily set the temperature. It has 7 warranties for the inner container, a 3-year warranty on the heating element, and a 2-year comprehensive warranty included.

Conclusion For Best Geyser In India With Price

These 10 Best Geysers of Best Geyser in India with Price told you that this is India’s best Geyser Water Heater, I have done a lot of research and then told you that you can take whatever you like from it, it is very good for your family And safe is it will last for a long term, you should definitely tell what you liked in the comment.

Bajaj New Shakti Storage

Bajaj Flora

Crompton Bliss

Crompton Arno Neo ASWH-3006

Racold Andris Uno

AO Smith HeatBot-SZS-015-DG

Havells Monza EC

Hindware Atlantic Ondeo Evo

Racold Andris Slim

Havells Quatro

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